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About Central Park Medical

The idea of CENTRAL PARK MEDICAL was born with the strong conviction of both supplying high quality primary care and promoting health in the community. Our team, with years of experience in healthcare, has proven their passion in their work, cultivating new knowledge and skills in different fields of medical assistance. We have embarked on this new project in order to extend our practice in primary care through a patient-centric approach as part of our engagement  and commitment to the community. 



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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30 -  17:00hrs
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Parking Information 

We are located inside Central Park  at Building 8 Vantage West Central Park, Dublin 18. 

You can park at the Clayton Hotel and walk to the practice which is located behind the AIB building. The first hour of parking in the Clayton Hotel is free and €2.80 per hour after that.

All tickets need to be validated at the hotel’s reception.

Alternatively, you can park in Central Park which you can access through the barriers on the left when you enter Central Park. Once you go through the barrier you will find parking at the end of the road to the right of ‘Giraffe’.

Proceed to level -1 and park in areas B5 and B6, you will find steps that lead you outside near the pay machine and you will find us opposite the AIB building. The first 20 minutes are free and  €2.50 thereafter.


By Luas

When disembarking the Luas at Central Park stop walk into the business park and take the first left, we are located 120 meters a 1-minute walk from the Luas stop.


Our Team


Family Doctor


Family Doctor



our mision
Our Mission

At CENTRAL PARK MEDICAL, we aim to improve the wellbeing of our patients. We offer  excellence in family medicine, research and community service, delivering the best healthcare that you expect for your family. Offering a service focused in patients and their needs which respects diversity, inclusion and equity we  build a strong medical-patient relationship where patients are actively involved in their decisions. Our wide variety of services endeavour to respond the demands of our community within highest clinical standards.

Policies / FAQ


  • Blood Tests and Test Results

1. Blood tests are done based on many criteria, including age, gender, medical history etc. For this reason, patients looking to get a blood test done must first be booked in with a GP, and then booked for blood tests after this. The nurse cannot do blood tests until the patient has seen a doctor.

1.1 If the patient has a phlebotomy form from another doctor and wants to get these blood tests done in Central Park Medical, the phlebotomy form must be sent to us in advance, preferably through email. This allows the doctors here to look at the form first, and ensure all tests can be done here.

1.2 Certain tests will incur an extra charge, as they will have to be sent to a private lab. We will let you know if there will be an extra charge before the blood test.

-Medical Card or Under 6 Doctor Visit holders will usually have to pay for blood tests. The contract we have with the HSE states that blood tests are only covered at the discretion of the GP for the need for acute blood tests (ie if someone comes in with chest pain or is febrile) and not routine blood tests, as these can instead be done in hospitals free of charge. 

1.3 Blood test results usually take 7-10 days to come back to us from the lab. We cannot send blood test results until a GP has looked at the results. We encourage patients to ring or email for their results if they have not heard back in 7-10 days, and we can follow up the results with their doctor. Results can usually be emailed to you, unless the GP has specifically asked you to come back for a follow up appointment.

  • Medical Certs/Social Welfare Cert

2.1 Medical certs or social welfare certs cannot be given to patients without a consultation first. The doctor will need to speak to the patient to find out what the cert is for, and for the likely duration of the cert.  

2.2 Extensions to certs can usually be done without an appointment, but we will let you know if an appointment is required for this. Extensions can be requested through email, or by giving us a call. 

  • Forms/Letters:

3.1 Forms which require a Medical opinion and doctor’s signature may appear quick and straightforward, however each form will need to be reviewed fully before completion. When a doctor provides a medical report or signs a form to certify a patient’s condition, the doctor needs to check the patient’s medical record to ensure an accurate provision of information and in many cases, to make an assessment of medical needs. In most cases, the doctor will need to see the patient for a consultation to ensure all records are up to date.

3.2 Wherever possible, we ask that forms are brought to us for completion with at least a week’s notice, to ensure they are completed properly.

3.3 Administrative forms or letters are not covered under the Medical Card or Under 6 GP Visit Card Schemes, so a fee of €25 will be applicable for this. Forms or letters are also not covered under the HSE Maternity and Infant/Antenatal Scheme, so this fee will also apply.

3.4 Many forms can be completed without charge by a person employed by a state agency, such as a Garda, your child’s School Teacher, or a Public Health Nurse.

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