Dr. Monica Andreica


Dr. Andreica graduated from the Dental and Medicine University in Bucharest in 2000.The first two years following the graduation she worked in the Public Healthcare System  as a General Dentist in a High School Dental Surgery.

Starting 2001  until 2008 Monica worked in a Private Dental Clinic in Bucharest. During this time she attended numerous dental training courses in such disciplines as cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, dental prosthetics in order to provide a high standard of treatment to her patients.

In  2007 she opened her own Private Practice in Bucharest with the main objective of prevention and treatment with effective and long-lasting effects of all dental diseases. Providing a high level of professionalism,  comfort, and maximum hygiene in a fun and friendly atmosphere led to a very quick increase in the number of returning patients.

Monica moved to Ireland in 2013 and immediately joined a clinic in West Dublin as a General Dentist where she provided a high standard dental services until she decided to open her own practice. She has had exposure to  all aspects of dentistry with a particular interest in advanced restorative dentistry, complex oral rehabilitation, prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.  Further post-graduate training keeps her up to date with all the latest techniques and ensures painless high-quality dentistry.